Publisher Services

By partnering with LM Prenax, publishers benefit from our vast experience as a leading global subscription and information services provider. Our local presence in over 9 countries on 2 continents, along with our customer base located in over 65 countries worldwide, means we can deliver your content to the right audiences in all market segments.

Our highly experienced staff can help relieve the burden of administrative tasks such as order taking and securing renewals, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Updated information about all your publications are visible in our online catalog, LibNet. From here, customers can find basic bibliographic and price information and easily to order within a few clicks.

With LM Prenax as your trusted partner, your order process will be streamlined, claims will be filtered and renewals secure. For you, this means, profitable and sustainable revenues. Business that comes to you through LM Prenax is the very best kind: pre-qualified, pre-paid and fully serviced by us, with a higher-than-average likelihood of renewal.

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Benefits for publishers include:

  • Quality circulation
  • No-cost marketing and distribution and on-click ordering via our online catalogue, LibNet Proactive promotion of renewals – automatic and repeated renewal notices that maximize re-uptake.
  • Proactive promotion of renewals – with automatic and repeated renewal notices that help maximize one of your most cost-efficient circulation sources
  • Knowledgeable, outsourced customer service – minimizing your staff time and effort and let us handle front-line technical and customer support, including subscription claims and e-resource support on licensing agreements, online access, etc.
  • Hassle-free income and cash-flow benefits – consolidated orders paid in advance.