Our Publisher Relationships – Your local connection to global content

We work with thousands of publishers worldwide, from single-title associations to global media conglomerates; from the most renowned to the lesser-known; from some organizations with 100+ years of tradition to others that are brand new and even digital-born. We handle consumer and STM (science, technology and medicine) titles, all formats, domestic and foreign, as well as site licenses and standing orders. For us, having the respect of the publishing community and being viewed as an important and trustworthy partner is paramount so that we can deliver the best service for our customers.

Publishers are LM Information Delivery’s primary partners in the provision of subscription management services and have been so for 45+ years. We function as the intermediary between publishers and content aggregators, and our library and information specialist customers in different across all sectors.

Our long-standing relationships and direct authorizations with thousands of publishers mean that we are able to negotiate favourable rates and other relevant discounts for customers. We deal directly with publishers when submitting orders and when handling customer service issues on your behalf. This benefit equates to savings, more accurate ordering, and enhanced customer service.

Publisher Services

Are you a publisher or vendor? Are you interested in learning more about the services and benefits LM Information Delivery can offer you?

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Our Partners

We partner with organisations who enhance our service offering and add value to our customers. Find out more about our partners.

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