Subscription Management

With the help of LM Information Delivery, it’s easy to acquire, use and manage electronic and printed materials. We offer comprehensive services that cover e-journals, databases and digital newspapers as well as printed journals.

We provide our customers with innovative services for electronic and printed material – together with a complete family of solutions for e-resource data, access, management, and assessment. Our customers are supported by our personal customer service and online tools designed for electronic and printed collections.

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Book & E-Book

E-Book Services Literature is growingly published exclusively in a digital format, but the acquisition of books and E-Books may be challenging for organizations and libraries. For instance, licenses, acquisition options and terms of use vary from publisher to publisher and comparing acquisitions is sometimes difficult.

Our E-Book Service has a large selection of E-Book packages, series and individual titles from various disciplines of science and different publishers. We offer an extensive interdisciplinary E-Book selection, take care of license negotiations with publishers and help customers with the initial access to material.

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E-Resource Access & Management

Today’s knowledge workers, students, faculty members and library patrons all want quick, around-the-clock access to information resources in various formats. However, navigating the ever-changing world of electronic resource access and management can be challenging.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service and technical solutions for E-Resource access, management and use. Our E-Resource Access and Management services facilitate the use of electronic collections, including the acquisition, management and assessment processes.

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Increasingly, libraries and research centers are choosing database solutions to augment their collections of individual content resources. LM Information Delivery offers interdisciplinary full-text and reference databases from the world’s leading publishers. The selection includes databases from hundreds of publishers, including the leading medical research databases and literary databases.

Our Database Services are particularly well suited to academic, research and public libraries as well as corporate information services. Our offering also includes online newspaper and magazine services.

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Comprehensive Usage Analytics - LibMetrix

Managing large and multi-faceted library collections is becoming increasingly complicated and time consuming for today’s librarians and information managers.

LibMetrix, LM Information Delivery’s comprehensive usage analytics tool, takes the guesswork out of collection management and allows you to make informed, data- driven decisions when it comes to your organization’s library collection.

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