Chalmers University of Technology enjoys the benefits of co-operation with LM Information Delivery

LM Information Delivery has been the partner of Chalmers University of Technology since 2011. Chalmers is a highly progressive university located in Gothenburg, Sweden, with 17 departments, 200 research groups and almost 10 000 students.

Daniel Forsman is Chalmers’ Head of Department for Library Information Resources and Discovery. In his daily work, Forsman takes care of several important aspects of the library, such as strategy and development projects.

“Chalmers’ library collection focuses more and more on electronic content. For example in 2010, approximately 97-98 per cent of our budget was spent on electronic resources”, Forsman explains.

Deepening co-operation with LM Information Delivery

Chalmers Library started working with LM Information Delivery in the autumn of 2010. In the spring of 2011 the University chose to deepen it’s partnership as the agent for subscription services, thus strengthening the co-operation.
The often daunting task of transferring the library’s subscription to LM Information Delivery was made easy thanks to the smooth onboarding and implementation procedures that LM Information Delivery has developed over the years. The Swedish customer service team was on hand at every step of the way, providing full training and support for the university staff.

“There are several concerns when you make such an important change as we did with moving our subscription services to LM, but we have been very happy with their customer service and response time. LibNet is turning out to be a very intuitive and powerful tool for maintaining and tracking our subscriptions”, Forsman explains.


  • Smooth transfer of subscriptions
  • Streamlined, centralized and easy to manage subscriptions with LibNet.

“LibNet is turning out to be a very intuitive and powerful tool for maintaining and tracking our subscriptions”