LM Information Delivery named exclusive supplier of Transfusion Evidence Library and Transplant Library from Evidentia Publishing BV in Scandinavia and The Netherlands

LM Information Delivery has been selected as the exclusive supplier of two databases published by Evidentia Publishing BV:

Transfusion Evidence Library

The Transfusion Evidence Library database provides access to all high quality, evidence-based information in Transfusion Medicine. This specialist database consists of Systematic Reviews and Randomized Controlled Trials, and is a unique resource for medical practitioners, policy makers and researchers around the world. The high quality of the evidence is ensured by applying strict methodological criteria, and new records are added every month. All relevant Systematic Reviews (since 1980) and RTCs (since 2002) are included, and pre-2002 RCTs will be added in the future. The Transfusion Evidence Library is produced by the Systematic Review Initiative, supported by the UK Blood Services, a leading authority on transfusion medicine.

Transplant Library

The Transplant Library database provides access to all available evidence-based information on all aspects of solid organ transplantation, namely all available RCTs and selected, good quality Systematic Reviews. RCT’s are critically appraised and receive a methodological quality score based on Jadad scale plus 2 additional criteria: allocation concealment and intention to treat analysis. The database is produced by the Centre for Evidence in Transplantation (CET), which is a joint department of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine of the University of London.

These database are especially interesting for:

  • National Blood Banks
  • University Medical Schools
  • Hospitals
  • SocietiesPharmaceutical
  • Companies

Mark Schregardus – Founder and CEO at Evidentia Publishing BV said:

“Evidentia Publishing develops products that provide very easy access to all available relevant, evidence-based information for a particular medical (sub)specialty. The Transplant Library database and the Transfusion Evidence Library database provide exceptional value for their user community. Our products promote an evidence-based approach to medicine, and advance research.”

Menno Nijssen – Sales Director Databases at LM Information Delivery said:

“We are delighted to partner with Evidentia Publishing and represent them exclusively in Scandinavia and The Netherlands. With Transfusion Evidence Library and Transplant Library we are representing two databases that offer high quality, evidence-based, clinical studies related to our customers field of interest.

“These products are geared to a specific set of customers. LM’s customer base, with for example many medical libraries, offers an ideal fit for these new databases and therefore I am very excited with this new collaboration with Evidentia Publishing.”

More information about Transfusion Evidence here.

More information about Transplant Library here.

For further information contact Menno Nijssen on +46 737481864 or email menno.nijssen@lminfo.se