Important information for customers and publishers due to recent events concerning Swets

LM Information Delivery will work tirelessly to support any organization needing assistance with their subscriptions, including their renewals, as we understand the substantial impact of what has just occurred, especially given the time of year.

LM Information Delivery is prepared and has set up two specific service hubs, one in Europe and one in the US in order to support customers and publishers.

We have an implementation team stand by to assist the local offices with transition related tasks. We have an excellent track record of fast implementations and have built specific IT-tools to cope with uploads of subscriptions into customer accounts. Our outgoing orders and renewals are compliant with most recent ICEDIS standards and we will follow up with publishers specifically.

If you have any enquiries regarding the transition or questions of general matter please contact us and we will ensure that you will be contacted within 24 hours:

Contact details Europe & international clients:

UK: +44 (0)1295 810031

The Netherlands: +31 6 13838 386

Denmark: +45 53 513 513

Norway: +47 22 41 81 00

Sweden: +46 (0)8 445 10 80

Finland: +358 (0)9 5424 6600

USA: +1 610 559 9550


We can also assist publishers with renewal inquiries, please contact us for more information.

Contact information for publishers:

Nels Rune Jensen, Chief Commercial Officer: +45 3061 1551

Zahra Touil, Chief Operations Officer: +46 (0) 700 916 702

Seija Lappalainen, Publisher Relations Manager: +358 (0)9 5424 6600



Q: What do I need to send to LM Information Delivery in order to secure my renewals?

A: Please send us your entire subscription list in excel sheet, including:

Title & format
Publisher order or reference number if available
Delivery address
Current order period

Please send only the orders you wish to renew. If renewals have starting period during mid 2015 we can still implement them at once. Also inform us if you have cost references in use per subscriptions, or any other specific demands to be considered.

Q: How do you set up our customer account?

A: Once you have decided to shift your subscriptions to LM Information Delivery we will ask you to fill in our customer information template. This template can also be found on our webpage. We gather information about you as a customer in order to build your account and ensure that for example your IP addresses are stored on your account level.

Q: How long does it take for LM Information Delivery to insert all our orders into the system?

A: We upload subscription data through a software tool especially created for implementing larger volumes. Once we have received an excel sheet from customer we track titles and upload orders. If we encounter possible variables, for example FTE based titles we use customer data to check correct Tiers etc. Customers can expect us to have uploaded orders within 2 weeks.

Q: How can I follow up on the status of transition?

A: Once we place orders into customer’s account they become visible in our online management tool, LibNet.

Q: If I have access to LibNet (online management tool) can’t I upload renewals directly?

A: LM Information Delivery always implements on behave of our customers in order to be able to do quality checks, since not all agents have same issn records or sometimes files are missing issn for titles such as standing order titles.

Q: When do I receive training in LibNet?

A: We conduct several scheduled webinar trainings in which you can participate. You may also contact your local sales representative and plan a webinar training session specifically for you.

Q: How do we know that you have our titles in LM’s database?

A: We cooperate with more than 65 000 publishers worldwide and our database consists of more than 400 000 titles. If we are missing a title we have a request tool in LibNet, and our publisher department will track down the missing title within 48 hours.

Q: How can you cope with the large volumes for transition?

A: Due to the circumstances we have set up a specific implementation team that will assist our local Customer service offices. We have several reference cases where we have received late orders for STM-titles.

A: Due to the circumstances we have set up a specific implementation team that will assist our local Customer service offices. We have several reference cases where we have received late orders for STM-titles.

Q: What are your normal time frames for sending orders etc?

A: Please see the chart below.