Jaicom is the leading provider of customer management systems in the Nordic countries. The company offers the broadest range of services and products in the market, including software and a wide selection of services for newspaper and magazine publishers, and for associations.

A global operator

More than 400 publications use Jaicom’s products and services in their subscription and distribution operations. The company has locations in ten cities in the Nordic countries, as well as operations in several European countries, such as the UK and Germany. In addition to ready products, Jaicom offers its customers software development services.

Strong partner network

In order to guarantee the best and most flexible service, Jaicom has a long-term partner network with major technology suppliers.

Part of LM Information Delivery Group

Jaicom was established in 1999 and is nowadays part of the LM Information Delivery Group. Jaicom and the parent company work together to maximize synergies. Along with the acquisitions of 2016, Jaicom is able to serve its customers with an even broader service offering.

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