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We regularly host training sessions and webinars on our products and services as well as those of our partner organisations. Below is a list of upcoming training sessions and webinars.

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Free Webinars: How to improve academic writing?

LM Prenax in collaboration with Writefull is pleased to present Writefull language tools.

Writefull uses big data and Artificial Intelligence to boost efficiency and accuracy in writing. It provides automated revision of texts, together with a database of published papers to explore real-world examples and patterns of language use.

Writefull’s tools assist students and researchers throughout the writing process: from draft to final revision. It offers language feedback tailored to academic writing, a set of example phrases, big data widgets to explore language use and detects missing citations.

With Writefull Full Edit, anyone can instantly access a nearly-human proofreading service.This is the first time an AI-based language tool demonstrates an understanding of sentences that goes beyond grammar.   

Discover how Writefull can help to improve academic writing. Choose a date and register for free webinar.

Please note, the webinar will be held in English. 

Dates available:

Oct 19, 2021       REGISTER >>

Nov 4, 2021        REGISTER >>


60 minutes