Jordan Hunter
Customer Account Manager, UK & Ireland

In the latest edition of our Meet Our Experts series, we introduce you to our Customer Account Manager, Jordan Hunter, who celebrated one year of working at LM UK in June.

As a Customer Account Manager, Jordan is responsible for handling all aspects of clients’ accounts. This ranges from responding to general inquiries from customers and publishers to dealing with any possible issues that may arise and processing news orders. Having worked in customer facing roles in the past, Jordan understands the importance of building strong relationships with her clients and LM’s publisher partners in order to maintain a high level of service.

Jordan is excited for her clients to be able to take advantage of the new features and functionalities that LM is developing in LibNet and launching this summer. She says:

“During my year at LM, I’ve been impressed by the way the company listens to its customers’ needs and then develops solutions that improve the overall customer experience based on the feedback. I’m particularly excited for my clients to be able to take advantage of our new online chat feature in LibNet as this will provide them with yet another means of contacting us and quickly resolving any issues they might have.”

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Jordan later moved to the UK, where she grew up in the Oxfordshire / Northamptonshire area. She is a keen badminton player and has been training hard over the past four years to progress to a more advanced level. She now plays for her local team and trains and competes most evenings of the week.