Aleksi Tykkä has been appointed to CEO of LM Prenax Europe

Aleksi Tykkä has been appointed to CEO of LM Prenax Europe, as of March 11th, 2021. Aleksi Tykkä has been acting as CEO of LM Prenax in the last months and he has been a vital part of the transition work.

Spearheading the Management Team, he has overall responsibility for ensuring that our customer focused company strategy is carried out and that strategic goals are achieved to the highest possible standards across the LM Prenax Group.

Since 2016, Aleksi Tykkä has lead LM Prenax’s Finnish business unit as Country Manager. Previously he has also worked as Sales Director for LM Prenax in Finland. He has been with the company since 2008 in various sales positions.

“I am excited on new responsibilities and committed to target for global success and excellence. By joining forces LM and Prenax has a good opportunity to reach sustainable growth and fight against industry changes. Future focus will be on technological development and finding synergies with Prenax”, says Aleksi.