Marja-Liisa Himanen
Business and Training Manager

Marja-Liisa Himanen, a Business and Training Manager at LM Prenax has worked for the company for nearly 30 years. She is currently working at the Headquarters of LM Prenax in Helsinki, Finland.

She started to work with the company back in 1991. During these 30 years the company has changed a lot. Marja-Liisa is proud to have been able to witness and contribute to the growth and international expansion of LM Prenax. During her years with the company, it has grown from the Finnish market leader, to the leading subscription agency in Scandinavia and now to one of the leading subscription agencies globally.

“Solving challenging situations is rewarding and has kept me going 30 years with the company”

She is at her best when there is challenging situation that needs solving. The most rewarding task in her opinion is to solve challenging situations. Daily challenges keep her going.

According to Marja-Liisa there are many exciting developments happening in the industry at the moment. LM Prenax is continuously developing solutions and services to serve its customers even better and match the changes in the industry. Technological and other changes affect Marja-Liisa’ s work as well. She is continuously trying to keep herself on top of the changes and work alongside of our customers to help them adapt to the continuously changing landscape.

In her free-time Marja-Liisa enjoys relaxing with a good book and a glass of red wine – however, this is certainly well deserved, as she lives an active lifestyle and regularly cycles over 20km a day to and from the office. As she says in her own words; “To be able to enjoy the book and wine, first some kind of physical exercise is required”.