LM Information Delivery is the chosen partner of ICA

Subscription management is now fast and easy

Inkopscentralernas Aktiebolag, better known as ICA, is the leading Swedish grocery chain. Every day millions of people buy their groceries from ICA knowing they’re getting good value for their money. ICA answers the needs of their Swedish customers by providing high quality products. ICA recognizes and values excellent customer service which is why they have chosen to place the centralized management of their journal subscriptions with LM Information Delivery.

Since 2011 ICA has been using LM information Delivery’s subscription management services and making use of LibNet, LM Information Delivery’s online subscription management tool. ICA and LM Information Delivery are both customer focused organizations and both companies believe in supporting their local teams in all of their numerous branch offices.

The simple way to order journals

Marie Berger works as a personnel administrator in ICA’s Human Resources team. Among her other tasks, she also manages ICA’s subscriptions. Marie is very pleased with the decision to centralize ICA’s subscription management with LM information Delivery as it can save time and cost in day to day administration.

ICA order about 300 journals via LM Information Delivery and very occasionally, they order directly from the publishers. The journals are displayed in reception areas and are also used as a resource by senior decision makers and other staff within ICA. LM Information Delivery delivers journals to various locations across Sweden.

LibNet is the key to efficient subscription management

Marie Berger says she is especially happy with LM Information Delivery’s web- based subscription management tool LibNet as it is so easy to use.

The ICA team use LibNet to place new subscription orders, make claims, search for journal titles, measure their usage and renew their orders all from one, single interface.

‘LibNet is a user-friendly system that feels very modern. Everyone in the group can use it and it is clear where to fill in the information. Also, I like the fact that everything in LibNet is in Swedish.’

Additionally, LibNet includes a practical reporting tool offering a suite of useful reports that can be downloaded in Excel or PDF.

‘We can run out the reports easily, as well as see the total cost of all subscriptions held by the company. This makes it easy to report the numbers for our management team. They like to see reports on the availability and location of our journal and newspaper subscriptions.’

Top Marks for customer service

Marie Berger has enjoyed working with LM Information Delivery’s customer service team. Marie and the team at ICA have a dedicated, named customer service contact at LM Information Delivery and can rely on their contact to assist them with ant enquiries quickly and professionally.

‘The customer service has been excellent, focused, friendly and very customer oriented. Our customer service contact always responds quickly and in a friendly manner. I can warmly recommend LM Information Delivery to other companies.’

The Human Resource team at ICA value professional customer service. Picture: ICA

”We had already centralized our orders before LM Information Delivery started as our service provider but I think LM Information Delivery has a simple system which makes my job easy.” – Marie Berger ICA